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Vodice were named after water springs, in fact the town has developed in this very place surrounding old wells. Thanks to this natural phenomenon Vodice exported drinking water until the late 19th century. Today in the main square two well-preserved wells can be found as memorials to old traditions and customs.

Present-day Vodice are a tourist favorite with no shortage of content. Vodice diving centers will make sure you enjoy the natural beauties of the Adriatic seabed as well as shipwrecks of ships that never reached their destination. For those with a passion for fishing, the boats "Bakul" and "Loly" from Vodice organize Big Game Fishing. The most frequent targets of Big Game Fishing are tuna, swordfish, sharks, yellow tails, etc. In Brodarica, 20 km away from Vodice you will find the Pegasus Equestrian Club where you can go horseback riding. In Vodice there are also kilometers of various bicycle trails, adapted to everyone's level. Those looking for recreation can take the less demanding trails while the real biking enthusiasts take the ones harder to climb. All tracks are very well marked. In addition to providing rental bikes our agency has also prepared a map of bicycle trails.

Vodice abound with sporting grounds: tennis, football, handball and basketball courts. You can also play water polo, beach volleyball, bocce ball, etc. Some other possibilities are: water slide, jet ski, skydiving and parachuting, etc.

Vodice is a starting point for many excursions. The most popular boat trips are: Krka, NP Kornati, and a sailboat ride through Vodice archipelago. The historical cities of Split, Trogir, Dubrovnik and the Plitvice Lakes National Park can be visited by an organized bus ride.

After a dinner at one of the famous restaurants in Vodice, surrender yourself to a gentle melody of the Mediterranean, take a romantic walk along the sea or visit some of the cultural events and concerts taking place in the Vodice center.

Vodice is recognized by many tourists as an ideal place to relax!

Srima is a small tourist town which is an extension of the South side of Vodice. It is difficult to tell where Vodice end and Srima begins.The town attracts visitors of pebble beaches, crystal clear sea and quality accommodation located near the beach. Srima is ideal for those who wish to have a peaceful vacation, however the closeness of the Vodice center (3 km) makes it also possible for them to enjoy the leisurely and recreational activities. Srima exists since the medieval times, however its inhabitants, hiding from the Turks, escaped to the Prvić island and founded the town of Šepurine. After the 17. century, once there was no more Turkish threat, the inhabitants returned to Srima. The most valuable cultural and historical monument in Srime are the remains of an early Christian basilica from the 6. Century, which you can visit.

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Vodice restaurants

In Vodice you will enjoy Dalmatian specialties as well the comfortable atmosphere of Vodice restaurants. Use this opportunity to taste the local wine which is offered in many konobas. The real specialty of Vodice is the sweet wine marasćina. The most unique restaurant in Vodice is Santa Maria. The unusual interior (paintings and news paper clippings on the walls, scattered antique objects) and visitors from the animal world such as the owners parrot, a rooster, etc. will surely surprise you. The restaurant serves Mexican food. The most popular specialty is tacos. Other than Santa Maria we would suggest restaurants Arausa and Adria. For seafood lovers we recommend restaurants Rico and Burin. Konobas Rustica, Gušte, Roki i Cesarica will amaze you, not only with their traditional Dalmatian dishes but also with their Dalmatian style interior. If you crave pizza visit restaurant Tony or order take out from Hallo pizza.

Vodice lokal market

If you are fascinated by open fish markets, the Vodice fish market will be a real treat for you, and is located in the center. Arrive early in the morning to get the best choice of fish, although the fish market is open until late evening, sometimes even until midnight.

The fish market is a part of a large farmers market where you can also buy seasonal fruits and vegetables. Don't miss this chance to buy local home made products such as olive oil, wine, dried figs and others.

Vodice Nightlife

Street performers: singers, klapas, dancers, painters, comics and others, transform the streets and shops of Vodice into an outside stage during the summer. The whole city lives life to the fullest during this period. Bars and clubs also come to life during the summer. Some of the more popular ones are Macando, Opium, Exit, Hookah bar, Makina, Cocolino, cocktail bars… as well as the most famous Hacienda, a nightclub located just outside of town, on the main road towards Šibenik. It can fit up to 2000 visitors and is famous for elaborate disco parties.

We recommend the following popular events in Vodice:
* Spring equinox celebration – Historical – a bicycle race from Vodice to Prižba usually held at the end of March.
* Easter regatta - is held middle of April, right before Easter and is very popular among sailor, also well attended by others. Several regattas are held in Vodice during the year.
* Easter program – Easter in Vodice is a special celebration. The activities start as early as Holy Thursday and last until Easter Monday. The program's main attraction are the roman praetorians.
* Picnic in Rakitnica - May 1st
* City of Vodice Day – May 3rd
* Moto party – At the beginning of June, close to the Okit hill, bikers and those looking for great food and a good time, get together.
* CMC festival – Croatian Music Channel organizes a yearly festival featuring numerous stars of the Croatian music scene. It is held mid June.
* Traditional Klapa nights on Wednesdays - held through July and August
* Our Lady of Karmel Procession – July 15th, a concert is held the same evening.
* Vodice celebration – A traditional folk festival held on August 4th is considered one of the most famous and popular festivities in Dalmacija. It is an event not to be missed.

Vodice - Beaches

Kilometers of beaches in Vodice vary from pebble to rocky, as well as concrete terraces. The beaches stretch along the whole of Vodice, through the center of the city, at the heart of which is a modern marina. You can find a shelter from the summer heat below the pine trees along the shore. The two most popular beaches are Plava plaža (The Blue Beach) and Hangar.

Plava beach is the recipient of a Blue flag, an international ecological award, a symbol of tourism excellence based on clean seas and neat beaches. This pebble beach stretches from hotel Punta all the way to Tribunj. The sea is mostly shallow along the beach. There are also numerous restaurants and bars along the beach, the most famous being the Hookah bar.

Hangar beach- The other bar of the same name is located on the Hangar beach and is known as the favorite hangout for the younger crowd. The Hangar beach is located on the other side of Vodice and is equally attractive as Plava plaža. If you tire of swimming and sunbathing on one of the beaches in Vodice, you can always choose one of the following activities the beaches offer: paragliding, banana riding, pedaline, diving, rent-a bike, volleyball on the beach, slides, trampolines... You can also take a ride in a boat with a glass bottom or on a jet ski.

Vodice - Don't miss

Okit - Watching from the sea, Vodice panorama is dominated by Okit hill with its Church of the Lady of Carmel. The first church on this rise was built in the 17th century, probably on foundations of an earlier chapel. In early 20th century, the Way of the Cross was built from the foot to the top of the hill, with fourteen chapels, each one marking one station of the Way of the Cross. The church was expanded with several additions. It was destroyed twice, during World War 2 and the Homeland War. The present appearance of the church is a work of architect Nikola Bašić.

The Parish Church of St. Cross with a Bell Tower. The church is a work of Sibenik baroque builder Ivan Skoko. It was built from 1746 to 1749, on foundation of an old chapel. Above the portal is a beautiful baroque rosette. The baroque altar was dedicated to St. Cross. On the altar of the Heart of Jesus and the Holy Family are two palls from mid-19th century.

The Church of St. Cross- This simple gothic church was built in 1402. As a parish church, it was consecrated to St. Cross in 1421. There used to be a cemetery next to it. They keep an old Roman - Gothic holy water vessel on a pillar inside the church, a unique specimen in this part of Dalmatia.

The Coric Tower - The tower was built in 1646 by the old rich Fondra family from Sibenik. The quality stone it was built from was transported from the island of Brac. Since they built it in times of turmoil, residential and economy facilities were surrounded by a high wall.

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